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Life Groups help develop authentic community...

They encompass the ABC’s of authentic community:  A for accountability.  Participation in a small group keeps everyone accountable for their priorities and spiritual growth.  B is for belonging.  A person who has a sense of belonging is someone who feels accepted, connected, and comfortable with a group of people.  C is for care.  People who are accountable to one another and are experiencing a sense of belonging naturally care for the people they are connected to.

“We are a society living in isolation, seldom enjoying the benefits of meaningful relationships.  We live and work around a lot of people, but most of us have chosen to do life alone.  This is certainly not what God has in mind.  We were created by a relational God with relational needs for significant connection.” – Andy Stanley

Adult Life Groups determine their own meeting location, time, and frequency of meeting.  Groups offer maximum flexibility in scheduling and location.  They can meet in a classroom in the church and take advantage of church-offered childcare, or they can meet in a person’s home or rotate among members’ homes.

For more information, contact Matthew Johnson.

DISCIPLE III focuses on our identity as people of God studying the Prophets and the letters of Paul. Join Randy Godsey Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8 beginning September 5th. Books are $35 and can be purchased up in the church office.

DISCIPLE IV takes a deeper look at the Writings, the Gospel of John, and Revelation. Carole Baker leads this class Sunday afternoons from 4-6 beginning September 9th. Books are $35 and can be purchased in the church office.

Christian Believer This course covers 8 topics of Christian Belief in 30 weeks (1) Scripture, (2) God, (3) Humankind, (4) Jesus Christ, (5) Holy Spirit, (6) The Church, (7) The Christian Life [Sanctification and Holiness], and (8) The Christian Hope [Judgment, Resurrection, and Eternal Life]. Join George Rhoads Sunday afternoons from 4-6 beginnign August 26th. Books are $45 and can be purchased in the church office.

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)and MomsNext Hey moms! Have you heard of Mops? Mothers of Preschoolers is open to expecting mothers through Kindergarten age - and there is a chapter right here at CUMC! *NEW* We now have a MomsNext chapter that is open to all mothers with children at home (through age 18). We meet on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month for breakfast, thoughtful conversation and community. Childcare through preschool age is provided. Meetings start September 6th. For more information: email cumcrogersmops@gmail.comor check us out on Facebook @centralrogersmops

Saturday, August 18th from 9:30-11:30 we will have Mops & Pops(icles) at the Lawrence Plaza Splash Pad. Bring a mom friend and your kiddos for popsicle and splash pad fun, find out more about Mops and MomsNext and register for the upcoming year. Meetings start September 6th. Check us out on Facebook @centralrogersmops

Childcare spaces are limited. Contact Hannah Carter for more information. You’re always welcome to join us for a meeting to check it out before you commit to joining.

Material fees vary. No need to register. Your attendance at the first gathering will be sufficient.

Childcare is available by reservation only for some classes. Please contact Hannah Carter concerning childcare for any of our Bible studies.

Feasting on the Word is a devotional study that follows the Revised Common Lectionary. The RCL is a collection of readings from Scripture that follows the seasons of the church year. It includes a reading from the Old Testament, a Psalm response to that reading, a Gospel, and an Epistle. It is presented in a three-year cycle, with each year centered around one of the Synoptic Gospels. Year A is the year of Matthew, Year B is the year of Mark, and Year C is the year of Luke. John is read each year, especially during Advent, Lent, and Easter.

Daily work consists of approximately 15 minutes of scripture reading and devotional time.  Each day you will be encouraged to “lean in” and consider your Christian response.

Women and men of all ages and stages are invited to join us during this noon hour with God.

Feel free to bring your lunch with you! Fridays at 1:15 pm in room 204. Childcare will not be available. Devotional guides are $18 for the entire year.

Tuesday Morning Men’s Bible Study

This is an ongoing group that meets each Tuesday morning from 6:30-7:30 in the church office conference room. Join us for coffee, fellowship, and Bible Study. You may join us at any time!

Sisters in Christ

As a group of Christian women blended from different backgrounds and ages, we work together towards our spiritual path; we choose to touch each others’ lives through open doors and empowerment, not judging others, but intertwining with one another to let our spirit shine. Our mission is to become the women of faith that we all strive to be. This is an ongoing group that anyone can join at any- time. We meet in room 204 each Tuesday from 9am-11am. You may join our group at any time!

Men’s Bible Study at The Egg and I

This group meets at 6:00am on Friday mornings and is open to any man who would like to join. We each have an interest to grow in our faith through learning and fellowship. The standard format is a 30-45 minute video series and 15 minutes of open discussion. No preparation necessary.

WOW (Women of Worth)

This group meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30 in Room 210. They are an open group that welcomes new participants but require confidentiality and care covenant between members.

Young Couples Group

This group of couples in their 30s and 40s meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 in Room 202. They alternate between Biblical and topical studies and connect those balancing marriage, children, careers, or some combination thereof.

Young Adult Group

These young adults are singles, couples and marrieds! All are welcome - ages 18-35. They meet on Tuesdays at 6pm and alternate bible study and game nights every week. Meetings are either at homes, restaurants, or the Barnes and Noble cafe in Rogers. They also do group dinners at local restaurants! They volunteer often for local events in our community and even have their own book club! 

Material fees vary.  No need to register. Your attendance at the first gathering will be sufficient. Contact Matthew Johnson for more information.

Childcare is available for some classes by reservation only. Please contact Hannah Carter concerning childcare for any of our Bible studies.


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