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Life Groups

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Life Groups help develop authentic community...

They encompass the ABC’s of authentic community:  A for accountability.  Participation in a small group keeps everyone accountable for their priorities and spiritual growth.  B is for belonging.  A person who has a sense of belonging is someone who feels accepted, connected, and comfortable with a group of people.  C is for care.  People who are accountable to one another and are experiencing a sense of belonging naturally care for the people they are connected to.

“We are a society living in isolation, seldom enjoying the benefits of meaningful relationships.  We live and work around a lot of people, but most of us have chosen to do life alone.  This is certainly not what God has in mind.  We were created by a relational God with relational needs for significant connection.” – Andy Stanley

Adult Life Groups determine their own meeting location, time, and frequency of meeting.  Groups offer maximum flexibility in scheduling and location.  They can meet in a classroom in the church and take advantage of church-offered childcare, or they can meet in a person’s home or rotate among members’ homes.

For more information, contact Karen Anderson.

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