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Grow Deeply

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What does it mean to GROW DEEPLY?

Being involved in a group setting will contribute to your faith journey by helping you connect with new people and make friends in the process (and knowing just one or two more people makes church feel more like home). Smaller groups often grown to feel like families as strong relationships form, and the groups strive to know, love and serve God together.

How can I Grow Deeply at Central?

  • Join a Sunday School Class.

  • Join a Grow Group.

  • Read your Bible and Pray daily.

  • Attend Wednesday’s Cultivate Programs.

  • Journal how you see God working in your life.

  • Start conversations with friends over spiritual topics.

  • Join a Bible Study Class

  • Read a book to encourage and challenge your life.

  • Attend a Spiritual Retreat or go on The Walk to Emmaus.

  • Teach or Lead a group in a study.

  • Take a class in Lay Servant Ministries