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Job Openings

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Contemporary Worship Leader

Job Summary

The Contemporary Worship Leader (CWL) will oversee all aspects related to the contemporary service praise team and lead worship for the contemporary service. The CWL will work closely with the Contemporary Service Worship Pastor as well as collaborate with the Director of Music Ministries. For Wage-Hour purposes, the CWL is a non-exempt part-time employee working 15 hours per week.


The CWL supports the Senior Pastor, Contemporary Worship Service Pastor, Director of Music Ministries, and the Contemporary Worship Service.


The CWL will exemplify the highest level of moral integrity and faithfulness as he/she grows spiritually and professionally in specific areas determined by the Senior Pastor, Contemporary Worship Service Pastor, and Director of Music Ministries, and develop members of the contemporary service praise team to function at the highest level both personally and collectively.


Essential Functions

  • Lead the contemporary service praise team
  • Lead weekly practice sessions
  • Schedule praise team members for each worship service
  • Select appropriate music for service in collaboration with pastors on sermons
  • Lead worship at the contemporary service as you engage the congregation to join you in worship of God
  • Develop the contemporary service praise team
  • In conjunction with the contemporary service worship pastor, help the praise team become a cohesive, highly functioning group of lead worshippers who help usher the congregation into the presence of God in worship
  • Help the musicians and singers grow musically
  • Deepen the “bench” by recruiting and developing new singers and musicians
  • Add relevant, worship enhancing music/songs to the praise team’s play list
  • Effective communicator who can encourage people to engage in active worship.



The Contemporary Worship Leader needs to have a basic knowledge of Contemporary Christian Music and be proficient in guitar and/or piano. The CWL must have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ out of which their worship flows. He or she must be passionate about music and worship and be able to pray in public. The CWL should be an effective communicator, able to work with volunteers, proficient in guitar and/or piano, and have the ability to sing melody and harmony. Knowledge of basic music theory is highly desirable so custom arranging of worship songs can be done for praise team. Familiarity with Planning Center is a plus. Willingness to learn needed skills, grow spiritually and serve as a team player.



The Contemporary Worship Leader is supervised by the Contemporary Worship Service Pastor. The CWL has no direct staff supervisory responsibilities but will lead and develop the members of the praise team.

Application deadline is September 21.