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The Missions Team at Central follows the church’s mission statement: ”Connecting People to Christ".  We do that through many mission opportunities for children, youth, and adults. 

We serve our community here in Rogers:  Meals on Wheels, Grace Food Pantry, Grace Community Meal, and Bonnie Grimes Elementary School. Around Arkansas we serve through Habitat for Humanity, Ozark Mission Project, and the Wesley Foundation at the U of A.  Projects around the U.S. include trips to Ship Rock, NM, Navajo Reservation, the Red Bud Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, Hurricane Katrina cleanup in Mississippi and Louisiana, and the UMCOR Relief Center in Baldwin, Louisiana. We currently have a long-standing relationship with our sister church, Tuetal Sur Iglesia de Restoracion, in Alajuela, Costa Rica

For further information on any of our mission programs, please contact Les Oliver, Minister on Missions.

Our entire offering for Christmas Eve 2015 helped support our various mission partners. Carness highlights our mission outreach, both near and far.

Chrystal and Amy share why they serve others through the Grace Food Pantry.