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Love Unconditionally

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  What does it mean to…LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY?

Each of us is given spiritual gifts and natural abilities that we can us to serve others and glorify God. We are all invited to carry on Christ’ mission in the world to meet the needs of people. Whether you are gifted in teaching, helping, encouraging or something else, God is counting on you to touch the lives of others as you serve God.

What can I do to Love Unconditionally?

  • Find a place to serve within the church during one of our informational events in the Fall- Missions Fair or My Ministry Connection for Commitment Sunday.

  • Participate in a “Family Day of Service” held multiple times a year.

  • Go on a Mission Trip either in the State, Country or International.

  • Donate Food and support our fellow Grace United Methodist Church food pantry and soup kitchen.

  • Become trained in our Emergency Response Team and be a part of the Disaster Relief Response Team that goes out when natural disasters hit Northwest Arkansas.

  • Donate household items, clothes, and toys to the annual Fall Rummage Sale.

  • Be aware or needs of your neighbors, children’s classmates, friends, family, offering love and support.

  • Get involved with the Central’s Monthly Mission Focus, which is chosen by the Missions Committee.

  • Research how you can help one of Central’s Mission Partners- Teen Action Support Center, Bonnie Grimes Elementary School, Ozark Mission Project, Sharing and Caring

  • Help with the weekly Community Assistance Program, which supports families in Northwest Arkansas who have difficulty paying for housing or utility bills.

  • Volunteer in our ever growing Youth and Children’s Ministries for an event or all year long!

  • Reduce, Recycle, and Re-use! Think of new ways to GO GREEN and help save our planet.