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New Sermon Series

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New Sermon Series:


March 6 – April 21, 2019

In this 9-Part Sermon Series we want to see Jesus more clearly – His nature and character. When we see Jesus more clearly we learn who we are to be as His followers


March 6:  Seeing His Empathy                                  Jesus sees you. You may feel shame and look away, but He sees you and loves you because He’s been through suffering and temptation. Just like you.

March 10:  Seeing His Sonship                                  Jesus is God. He was in the beginning when all things were made. He also came into the world in human flesh at the behest of God the Father and revealed God to us.

March 17:  Seeing His Mission                                   Jesus came for those far from God. The good news of Jesus Christ is for those who feel far from God. If you feel that way, Know He is pursuing you.

March 24:  Seeing the Humbling of God                Jesus lowered Himself to reach us. The eternal third Person of the Trinity became one of us so we could know and love God.

March 31:  Seeing His Compassion                          Jesus cares about your heart. Is your heart breaking? So is Jesus’. He knows what it is to grieve and is with you in yours.

April 7:  Seeing His Sacrifice                                      Jesus died for you. He loved you so much that He willingly laid down His life for you. This is love.

April 14:  Seeing His Lordship                                   Jesus is the King of All Things. All things belong to Jesus, including you and me. This is great news.

April 18:  Seeing His Obedience

Jesus obeyed for your salvation. By submitting Himself to the Father, Jesus became the source of salvation for everyone.

April 21:  Seeing His Power                                         Jesus rose in power. The resurrection reveals to us that Jesus is truly the Son of God. From this power, we receive grace and mission.