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New Worship Schedule

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Beginning August 20th

This Sunday, August 20th, we will begin worshipping on our new schedule:

8:15 - Traditional Service in the Chapel (new time)
9:15 - Sunday School (new time)
10:15 - Traditional Service in the Chapel (new time and location)
10:30 - Contemporary Service in the Sanctuary (new time)

The Worship Committee and church leadership studied our Sunday morning schedule for about two years looking for ways to nurture growth in all our services and to find ways to effectively reach new people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After much prayer and research the above schedule was decided upon.

For those who prefer traditional worship the return to the Chapel will greatly enhance worship because the acoustics and size of the room better fit the traditional service. For those who prefer contemporary worship the later time hits the sweet spot families with young children are looking for.

We realize these changes will affect people in different ways. Some will adjust quickly to the new normal because the changes address specific needs they have had with the current arrangement. Some will take a little longer for the new set up to feel like home. Whichever person you happen to be, our prayer is that you will continue to “Worship Fully” in your preferred service. And may we all remember the people we will “Connect to Christ” in the years to come through our worship services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we changing worship schedules?

One of our church’s primary goals is to encourage the congregation to “worship fully.” In order to grow attendance at worship, we need to schedule our worship services for times that make them accessible to as many people as possible. The new schedule will have the added benefit of creating a fellowship time that includes attenders of both the later services.

Why is the late traditional service moving to the chapel?

Currently the chapel will seat the number of people who normally attend the 11 a.m. traditional service comfortably. Having the service in a more intimate setting will improve the worship experience and make that service more attractive to those who prefer that style of service.

If the effort to increase attendance works, won’t the traditional service eventually outgrow that space?

We do have some room to grow in the chapel. With a few minor modi cations, we believe we can add 30-40 seats. If the traditional service eventually does outgrow that space, we’ll consider that a good problem that we’ll be happy to address.

Why move the contemporary service to a later time?

We’ve received feedback that the 9 a.m. start to the contemporary service can be a hindrance to people attending more regularly. In looking at other churches that conduct different styles of worship, contemporary services that begin a little later in the morning are very well attended.

Couldn’t we move the contemporary service to the chapel?

The contemporary worship service is our most-attended service and unfortunately is too large for that space, even with the modifications we will be making.

What will happen to the preaching schedules?

The proposed format will allow the pastors to keep the same schedule for preaching they currently follow.

Can we have two services at or near the same time?

Sure. We’re actually doing it now with the 8:30 and 9 o’clock services. The timing and order of worship in the two later services will allow the same pastor to preach at both, just like we do now.

What about the early service?

The only difference will be a 15-minute change to the start time. One benefit of the new schedule is that it gives us less time between the end of this service and the beginning of Sunday School, allowing these worshippers more of an opportunity to attend.

Will this affect Sunday School?

Sunday School at Central has always been one of the best attended among churches our size, and we certainly want to keep it that way. The only change here is that it will start earlier.

How were these decisions made?

Our worship committee and staff have been looking at this possibility for about two years. We’ve researched other churches and listened to feedback from our congregation about what could improve the worship experience. The focus has been on what would enhance the experience of worship and make it more accessible to as many people as possible. Our church continues to grow and do great things on God’s behalf. By encouraging our congregation to worship more fully, we’ll only increase our reach across our community.