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Ozark Mission Project

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Transforming lives through worship, fellowship, and hands-on mission.

Ozark Mission Project has been a mission of the Arkansas United Methodist Church for over 30 years. OMP brings youth groups to 12 different camp sites around Arkansas where youth and adult campers do mission work within the community for their neighbors in need (such as for the elderly, veterans, disabled, and low income). CUMC will be hosting 80 campers in June 9-14.


One way church members can support these students and adults is by offering their home as a "shower house" for a group.  Groups consist of 4 students and 1 adult and are called a "family.” These families need a place to shower each afternoon June 10-13.  Groups will spend the day working on their projects and will head to their designated “shower house” around 3:30 each afternoon.  There will be a special activity Wednesday afternoon, then dinner on the front lawn. Showers will be approximately 6:60, after the evening of fun.

Another way to help is to provide meals either during camp week (approximately 80 mouths) or during pre-camp (approx.10 mouths). The OMP campers LOVE to see church members during breakfast and dinner who are excited OMP is in our community! 


Please look at the list of projects that we can and cannot do as well as our client application form. If you or someone you know could use the services that OMP can offer, feel free to make as many copies as you need. We do not charge for labor or materials. Our services are based on all different kinds of need. Fill out a confidential application form for each family unit that might need assistance.  Keep in mind that we can only work within a 30 mile radius of our campsite and an adult family member needs to be at home the days we couple their work. More information can be found at

All applications can be emailed to Karen Anderson at We will continue to collect applications until the week before camp. Our staff will visit potential worksites on Wednesday or Thursday before camp begins.

We look forward to working in the Northwest Arkansas area.


We accept all donations.  This can empower our Neighbor and help them feel better about accepting assistance as well as help OMP.  Give donations to the camp Director along with Neighbor name and address.  A thank you note will be sent to the neighbor.

We will show appreciation to suppliers (businesses) whenever possible by buying additional goods and sending other customers to them.