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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get there?

Central is located at 2535 W. New Hope Road in Rogers, just 2 miles from Exit 83 off I-49 and directly in front of the Rogers Aquatic Center.

Where do I park?

There is Guest Parking available on both the West and East sides of the campus. They are located close to the entrances marked “Main Entrance”.

Where do I go when I get in the building?

The two “Main Entrances” will lead you directly to our Atrium. There you will discover “Information Central,” our welcome and information center. A greeter will be there to guide you wherever you need to go, as well as answer any questions you have about the church.

I’m coming for worship; what do I do with my children?

At Central we celebrate family worship, which means children of every age are welcome to participate with you for the service. However, we do have nursery care available for children under two. The nursery wing is on the East side of the building, right inside the Main Entrance doors. It is a secure environment with a check-in system to maintain safety for your child at all times. The nursery is available for all three of our worship services and our Sunday School hour. Children ages 3-5 may be dismissed for Children’s Church as an option at our 10:30 Traditional and 10:15 Contemporary services. Children learn together in their own environment and then join their families at the close of service. You can learn more about children's ministry and Sunday School

What should I wear?

We want you to feel comfortable so please feel free to come as you are . You will see everything from professional to casual, from coats and ties to shorts!

What are the differences in the worship services?

Our 8:15 Traditional Service is in the Chapel, a beautiful space that is warm and intimate. The service has hymns, creeds, responsive readings, prayers, offering, and a Biblical-based sermon based on the theme for the day. 

Our 10:15 Contemporary Service is in the Sanctuary. The service has contemporary Christian praise music, a time of prayer, offering, and a Biblical-based sermon based on the theme for the day.

Our 10:30 Traditional Service is in the Chapel. The service has many of the same elements of the 8:15 service, but also features our Chancel Choir and other musical offerings such as hand bells, children’s choir, etc.

Am I expected to give when the offering basket comes by?

Our offering is a way for our members and regular attenders to contribute to the life of the church and give back to God a portion of all that God has blessed them with. If you feel led, you are more than welcome to participate, but it is not an expectation. We have many who give monthly or online, so you certainly will not be the only one passing the baskets along!

Will I have to stand and be recognized as a visitor?

No! We are so glad you are here, and we want to make you feel comfortable during your visit, so we promise we won’t do anything to embarrass you or place undue attention on you. We do have a time of greeting during all three services where everyone is invited to greet those around them, but that is for everyone, member and guest alike, and we hope it’s a chance to connect with someone and feel welcomed by those you are worshiping alongside.

Will you show up at my house unannounced if I fill out the Guest Information card?

No! We promise to honor your privacy. However, we would love a chance to follow up with you by phone or email just to let you know how glad we are that you were here and answer any questions you might have about the church. We also have a free gift for you at Information Central, our welcome center in the Atrium, so we hope you will take advantage of that.

What do I do when I’m ready to join?

Here at Central we have an event to get you started on the road to membership called Next Connection. It’s a time to meet other prospective members, hear about the mission and vision of the church, learn who we are and what we believe, and discover the different ways to get plugged in. The week after Next Connection we have a New Member Sunday, where people can join as a group instead of having to stand in front of the church all by yourselves. We have one question of everyone who joins, but it’s a five-part expectation. The hope is that all our members will support the church through their (1) prayers, (2) presence, (3) gifts, (4) service, and (5) witness. In other words, every member of Central should be praying for the church, actively participating in the church, giving to the church as God leads, serving the church in some way, and sharing the message and love of Christ and the church in the community. If you are thinking about joining, please contact one of the pastors and they will be happy to walk you through the process.