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Our Staff

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Jim Lenderman , Senior Pastor

Jim Lenderman, Senior Pastor

Matthew Johnson , Associate Pastor

Matthew Johnson, Associate Pastor

Les Oliver , Missions & Worship Arts Pastor

Les Oliver, Missions & Worship Arts Pastor

Dawn Spragg , Contemporary Worship Pastor

Dawn Spragg, Contemporary Worship Pastor

Lucy Swanson , Director of Youth Ministries

Lucy Swanson, Director of Youth Ministries

Jachin Mann , Director of Music Ministries

Jachin Mann, Director of Music Ministries

Hannah Carter , Director of Children's Ministries

Hannah Carter, Director of Children's Ministries

Karen Brown , Congregational Care Coordinator

Karen Brown, Congregational Care Coordinator

Kris Mickna , Executive Director of Child Development

Kris Mickna, Executive Director of Child Development

Jennifer Singh , Central Child Care Director

Jennifer Singh, Central Child Care Director

Misty Revoir , Tiny Tots Preschool Director

Misty Revoir, Tiny Tots Preschool Director

Tami Stewart , Church Administrator

Tami Stewart, Church Administrator

Cathy Blackwood , Bookkeeper

Cathy Blackwood, Bookkeeper

David Embree , Director of Technical Ministries

David Embree, Director of Technical Ministries

Brian Carroll , Maintenance Supervisor

Brian Carroll, Maintenance Supervisor

Marilyn Lee , Organist

Marilyn Lee, Organist

Evy Lamb , Assistant Music Director

Evy Lamb, Assistant Music Director

Lita Rosales , Custodian

Lita Rosales, Custodian

Leticia Loza , Custodian

Leticia Loza, Custodian

Amy Penny , First Impressions Coordinator

Amy Penny, First Impressions Coordinator