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Sunday School

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Sunday School can touch the lives of everyone in the congregation - from the very young to the very...not so young. 

Sunday School - it's for life!

  • lifelong
  • life-giving
  • about real life
  • connected to the Source of life

Sunday School is a place where people and churches can be transformed: 

  • growing leaders for the church’s mission
  • increasing people’s sense of belonging and commitment to stewardship
  • providing a place for new people to make friends and learn to grow as disciples
  • deepening people’s understanding of God’s activity in all of life

CUMC is committed to planting and cultivating the seeds of faith in all who walk “under the dome.”  It is our goal to connect everyone with a small group during the Sunday school hour. 

Contact Karen Anderson for more information.

Class List

Cornerstone Sunday school class meets on the second floor in the room on the southwest corner, room 200. We have between 60 and 80 members ranging in age from about mid 50s to 80s .   Our format is a combination of lecture and class discussion that can be either biblically or topically based. Sometimes we use DVD's as part of our study but generally we select books that contain 6-8 lessons.  Many of our members are involved in various missions, but as a class we support the Grace Food Pantry through a monthly offering.  Our members are truly concerned about each other and provide prayers, cards, and meals when there is a need.  Even though we are a large group, we are a very cohesive group and have several fellowship opportunities throughout the year. 

Kingdom Builders Sunday school meets on Sunday mornings during the regular Sunday School hour in room 201.  We average 15 to 20 in attendance.  Our members range in age from teens all the way up to grandparents in their 70’s.  The age difference makes for great discussions.  Our studies are both topical and Biblical.  They normally contain a DVD and class discussion is prompted by our facilitator.  Suggestions are always welcome for the next study.  Our members enjoy eating so we pass a sign up sheet for volunteers to bring a breakfast item to share with the class.  Also, we always have an "in-between studies” breakfast buffet where everyone brings a favorite breakfast item to share.  This is hugely popular!  Our class volunteers to serve the hungry on the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Samaritan Cafe.  Children are encouraged to serve with their parents! It’s a great example for children to see their parents being the hands and feet of Jesus.  

Willing Workers/New Life class is a group of singles and couples 60 and older who meet during the Sunday school hour in room 204.  The class begins each session by singing a hymn. Studies are based on scripture written by various authors and are taught by Kent Thieman and Rev. Pamela Cicioni. The class contributes to the Women's Gala, Children's Advocacy Center, Grace Food Pantry, Teen Action Support Center (TASC) and the Children's Shelter.

ROTC (Right On the Corner) is a new class made of adults in their 40’s and 50’s.  The uses a flexible format where they share how God has worked in their lives or where they missed an opportunity to share God with others.  This class provides a chance to share different phases of life to see what is around the corner. Their hope is to have community and social outings together. They meet in room 205.

God’s Messengers meet in room206 during Sunday school hour. We are a fairly new group of young couples with children. We study anything from specific books of the bible to topical studies. Sometimes we incorporate DVDs or Youtube videos. Occasionally, we will enjoy dinner at class members homes. The Samaritan House, Grace Soup Kitchen, and Ozark Mission Projects have been agencies we have supported and volunteer with.

New Horizons meets in room 208 during the Sunday school hour. We are typically couples in their 50s, 60s and early 70s, but singles are welcome.  We have less than 30 members with an average weekly attendance of about 15. We love to study and explore God’s word, taking into context the historical and social norms of the time.  Our format is deep, deep discussion.  It may take us weeks to cover a single chapter in a study. Our discussion may be enhanced at times with DVDs.  No topic is too deep or complex. Social events include two class fellowships per year, usually one in the fall and one in January/February. As a class we have two activities that we participate in:  Grace Soup kitchen about twice per year and Habitat for Humanity when sponsored by CUMC.  Our class is small and several members of our group are active in the church with ongoing activities including but not limited to:  committees, councils, teaching Disciple Bible studies and/or Lay Servant classes, serving in church sponsored ministries that serve both within and outside the church, choir, clerical work, and seasonal activities.

The Women’s Bible Class is a Christ led, spiritually bonded small group welcome to women of all ages. We focus on studies that encourage understanding and growth of Biblical truths used in supporting, loving, laughing and caring for one another and all of God's Kingdom. We seek deeper knowledge of the Trinity as we trust God to walk with us through our daily lives. We meet second floor, room 210 during Sunday School hour. The group often enjoys Sunday lunch together. Members participate in various service opportunities through out the Church with gifts of hospitality and financial support. 

New Beginnings is a group of parents, ages 35-55, with children ranging in ages from elementary to high school.  We may have 15-20 people in class at times, and meet in room 107A. Our studies are both topical and Biblical, with various members of our group choosing to lead studies.  If we aren't doing a church-wide study, we discuss what we'd like to cover, and go from there.  Our studies are discussion-based, and many include a DVD presentation.  Social events for our group include a Christmas party, family gatherings at homes, in-class food and social times, and just last year we started a family canoe trip.  We are currently discussing a "focus" mission, and in the past we have worked the Grace Sunday meal and Samaritan Cafe.  

Friends Building Faith meets in room in 225. We are a small group of couples in our 40s and 50s.  We do many DVD based and other short studies and participate in good, candid discussion. We try to gather funds for group donations, especially related to our members outside involvements.

Central’s Young Adult Sunday school class meets in room 105. They are a very active group of 20 and 30 somethings, married and single, who meet multiple times through the week for study, fellowship, games and worship.

Community Class meets in room 107 B on Sunday mornings. Our ages range from 50s to 70s.  We study Bible based books, books of the Bible and sometimes follow the sermon series. Much discussion can always be counted on! All opinions are welcome and respected—often, we agree to disagree! We do community work together like Grace soup kitchen and helping serve other needs. We give each week to the Grace food pantry or to theCommunity Ministry Fund are faithful in praying for our class and their concerns.