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Sunday School

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Sunday School can touch the lives of everyone in the congregation - from the very young to the very...not so young. 

Sunday School - it's for life!

  • lifelong
  • life-giving
  • about real life
  • connected to the Source of life

Sunday School is a place where people and churches can be transformed: 

  • growing leaders for the church’s mission
  • increasing people’s sense of belonging and commitment to stewardship
  • providing a place for new people to make friends and learn to grow as disciples
  • deepening people’s understanding of God’s activity in all of life

CUMC is committed to planting and cultivating the seeds of faith in all who walk “under the dome.”  It is our goal to connect everyone with a small group during the Sunday school hour. 

Contact Karen Anderson for more information.

Class List

Cornerstone - Room 200
Kingdom Builders - Room 202
Friends Building Faith - Room 105
God’s Messengers -  Room 206
Believers - The Parlor
New Horizons - Room 208
The Aldersgate Class - Room 205
The Community Class - Room 107A
Saved By Grace - Room 107B
New Beginnings - Room 223
Women’s Bible Study - Room 212
Willing Workers/New Life - Room 204
Young Adult Study - Conference Room