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Lay Servant Ministries

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Lay Servant Ministries

As Christians, we are all called into ministry. Our ministries may be through our gifts of hospitality, service, teaching, leading, and/or many other areas. A Local Lay Servant is someone who is an active member of the UMC, is ready to learn about how to serve God’s people in a more meaningful way, and who has completed the Basic Lay Servant course. The Basic Lay Servant Course will help these persons better understand the structure of the UMC, our church’s heritage and improve their their skills for service.  All Lay Servant Courses equip persons for ministry and inspire us into a deeper commitment to Christ and more effective discipleship.

All classes will be held from 9am-5pm at Central United Methodist Church, Rogers. The class fee is $20 plus cost of the book. Books can be purchased from Class leaders will send detailed information after the registration deadline.

Advanced Course: Life Together in the United Methodist Connection (Polity, 
Practice and Mission of the UMC) (Deadline to register is April 8th) Date: April 22nd * Time: 9am-5pm * Required for Lay Speaker Track

This course gives participants an overview of the structure and organization of the United Methodist Church. It is a comprehensive description of the distinctive practices of the people called Methodist, as well as a reminder of our rich heritage, doctrine and polity.

For more information, contact Karen Anderson in the church office.

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