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The wedding ceremony is one of the most sacred rites of the Church. It is a religious ceremony in which two persons invoke the blessings of God in holy wedlock. It is hoped that the individuals clearly sense the presence of God, for the wedding service is truly a worship celebration.

It is the desire of the ministers and church staff to make each ceremony a beautiful and meaningful worship service. Therefore, communication is extremely important. Planning in advance will help both the wedding party and those on the church staff to coordinate all efforts in an efficient and organized manner. Please contact the church at least four months in advance. The first initial steps are as follows:

  • Contact the church office regarding the availability of the desired facilities.
  • Contact the officiating minister to secure his/her services and to arrange for required pre-marital counseling appointments. A minister of Central United Methodist Church, Rogers, is the preferred officiant. Ministers from other denominations may assist in the wedding ceremony. Special permission is sometimes granted to outside Ministers. The Staff Wedding Consultant must be present for all weddings and rehearsals.
  • The wedding and rehearsal date/time will be placed on the church master calendar by the Executive Assistant when Bridal Information Form is filled out and required fees are paid.
  • If special music is planned, contact the Music Minister or Church Organist to assist with the wedding music.
  • Contact the Staff Wedding Consultant if a reception is to be held at the church.


  • It is understood that your wedding is taking place in a Church, and not a wedding venue. Furnishings in the chapel/sanctuary and surrounding areas may not be moved or re-arranged in anyway without prior authorization from the Wedding Consultant. The Altar and cross must stay on the chancel area at all times. Rice, confetti, or rose petals may not be thrown inside the church and only bird seed may be thrown outside the church and surrounding property.
  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the church and surrounding property.
  • Be sure to bring the marriage license to the church at the time of the rehearsal.
  • If a wedding bulletin is desired, it is the responsibility of the wedding party.
  • NO weddings are scheduled on Sunday. The latest time a wedding on Saturday may be scheduled is 6:00 p.m.
  • Music is a beautiful and important part of the wedding service. Consequently, it is suggested that the music be carefully selected in consultation with the Minister of Music or the Pastor.


The church’s altar furnishings are a part of worship.  These furnishing include:

  • The Altar Table (with glass top)
  • The Cross
  • The candle holders
  • Parament Cloth (white for weddings)

The Altar must be visible for all weddings. It may be placed at the back of the Chancel (stage) area next to the modesty screen that separates the choir loft from the Chancel or up closer to the Chancel steps. It may be moved to the floor level as well. The Altar must remain visibly central. No flowers or other decor should be on or block the view of the Altar.

Flowers and candelabra may be banked on either side of the Altar area, in the choir loft, behind the Altar, or on the floor level. The Pulpit and/or Lectern should not be visibly blocked.

Only non-drip candles are allowed. No nails, thumbtacks, staples, screws, or glue are allowed in fastening any decorations to the pews, furnishings, Chancel rail, or any part of the building. A protective floor covering must be used under ALL candelabra including the single Unity Candle. Clear vinyl carpet protector is suggested. The wedding party must furnish the vinyl and must dispose of after the ceremony.

No open candles may be placed outside the communion railing.

Decorations are to be removed and the church left in the order in which it was found. This should be done immediately following the ceremony. This includes the Chapel, Sanctuary, Atrium, and all dressing rooms.


The wedding service is an act of worship and any movement by photographers should be done in a way that does not detract from the worship experience. Formal photographs may be taken before or after the service from anywhere in the chapel. Once the ceremony begins, the following will be adhered to:

The photographer(s) will be allowed to take one Processional and one Recessional photo of each attendant, and/or bride/groom from the center of the isle halfway into the chapel in a kneeling position. The photographer(s) may take non-flash photos from the balcony or back of the church during the ceremony.

Videos may be used to tape the wedding service if on a tripod in a location at the discretion of the pastor/wedding consultant.

The wedding consultant will meet with the photographer(s) prior to the ceremony to go over these rules.


The church office requires the name of the florist and the time of delivery. Candelabra, plant stands, and rented plants are the responsibility of the florist and are to be picked up immediately following the service, unless prior arrangements are made with the Wedding Consultant/Executive Assistant.


Wedding receptions may be held at the church. A room set-up sheet must be filled out two weeks prior to the reception. Table cloths are the responsibility of the wedding party. No church table cloths are available. The church must be cleared of

clothing, decorations and food remains immediately following the reception. (This is not the responsibility of the custodial staff)
The reception must end no later that 9:00 pm on Saturday evening.


Contact Karen Brown, Church Wedding Consultant at 479-636-1630

Revised 06/18/2014