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You Asked For It

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2018 Summer Sermon Series


Join us this summer for “You Asked For It” – our summer sermon series where our pastors will answer eleven important questions submitted by Central members and guests. We’ll deal with questions about God, faith, and difficult cultural issues. This is a great opportunity to invite people you know who are asking these questions to join us in worship.

Here’s the schedule for when we’ll tackle each topic:

  • June 3 – How Can I Know God’s Will?
  • June 10 – How Can God be Father, Son & Holy Spirit?
  • June 17 – How Can We Have a Gospel-Shaped Approach to Hot-Button Issues?
  • June 24 – How Can We Influence the Next Generation for God?
  • July 1 – Why is Worshiping God Such a Big Deal?
  • July 8 – How Can I Learn to Trust God More?
  • July 15 – How Can I be Faithful to Jesus on the Issue of Homosexuality?
  • July 22 - What is the Answer to the Shame I Feel?
  • July 29 – Who is Satan and Why Should I Care?
  • August 5 – What Can I do to Have a Faith that Makes a Difference?
  • August 12 – What is Radical Hospitality and Why Does it Matter?