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Youth Kitchen Shower

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SAVE THE DATE!  Sunday October 28, 11:30-1:00p, in the Youth Room!

Central Women are hosting a kitchen shower for the Youth Kitchen. Join us for refreshments and a  look at the newly renovated youth room.

Wish List

*Monetary Gifts are always welcome.

5 Big Serving Spoons (Metal)

2 Slotted Spoons

5 Rubber Spatulas

5 Serving Spatulas (Metal)

3 Pizza Cutters

6 Metal Tongs

3 Big Ladles

3 Small Ladles

2 Can Openers

2 Spaghetti Sporks for serving

6 Metal Bowls (Serving & Mixing)

Kitchen Wash Rags and Towels

Pot Holders

Hot Pads

6 Pitchers with Lids

Sets of Plastic Mixing Bowls (With Lids)- Microwavable & Dishwasher Safe

Sets of Plastic Containers (With Lids)- Rubbermaid type for Leftovers

Paper Plates

Plastic 12oz Cups

Plastic Forks

Plastic Spoons


3 Boxes of Serving Gloves